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Why I Lapse into Tribalism

Note to readers: I have stopped announcing each blog with a Facebook post. I am no longer a Facebook user and have some misgivings about the platform. So…..I am depending on you to forward my posts to others.  If you will do that, hopefully, some new people will subscribe.      We hear a lot ...

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The Caravan

  A friend of mine, Ruth Kiker, emailed me a few days ago about the “caravan” that President Trump is exploiting to whip up the emotions of his core supporters, a.k.a., his base. Ruth knew I had lived in Nicaragua decades ago and that I had majored in Latin American Studies and Economics at Tulane. ...

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Misplaced Outrage

It is the morning of Sept. 28, 2018. Yesterday the nation watched the Senate Judiciary Committee grill Dr. Christine Blasey Ford and Judge Brett Kavanaugh and resolve exactly nothing. Now half the country is outraged at the prospect that Judge Kavanaugh will be confirmed and the other half is outraged that he might not be. ...

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