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Collateral Damage

Note from the QD: If you are puzzled by the photo atop this blog, then you have a short memory. My general Covid 19 malaise has morphed, hopefully temporarily, into outright pessimism. And it’s not the virus itself that’s causing my spirits to sag; rather, it’s the pandemic’s collateral damage.    Here are some things ...

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Inequality and the Covid 19 Pandemic

  Living through the pandemic here in New Orleans gives one the dubious opportunity to see first-hand how the Covid 19 virus disproportionately affects the poor and the non-white. There is a myth being propagated in the country that the virus is an indiscriminate killer, that rich and poor alike are vulnerable, that we are ...

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Tom Dempsey – RIP

With Crandall and Walker at Saints vs Titans December 2019

(Photo above: The Quixotic Deacon, Crandall, and Walker at Saints vs Titans, Nashville, Dec. 2019)   On a fall afternoon almost 50 years ago, Lucy and I looked down from the stands of Tulane Stadium, the old Sugar Bowl, hopelessly watching the last play of a nail-biter between the Saints and the Detroit Lions. The ...

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The Pandemic and the Climate – Time to Think

  The air around the world is cleaner, less pollutants entering the sea, streets are less noisy. Families are spending time together, less planes flying around the world, luxury cruise ships are not dirtying up the sea. People are looking at local solutions for needs, and taking time to wash their hands. The hectic pace ...

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