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Holy Week Message to Readers

Dear Subscribers and Occasional Visitors, My last post entitled Class Warfare I was published about a week ago and should have been rapidly followed by Class Warfare II. But I have not, for various pretty good reasons, had the time to write it. We are now on the cusp of Holy Week and I must ...

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Class Warfare I

I was watching CNN one morning last week and the lead story was the big jump in hiring just reported by the government. The Trump administration was quick to attribute this to its huge corporate tax cut and deregulation of industry. But what really struck me was the comment by the CNN business reporter. The ...

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Class Warfare – A Short Introduction

In the heat of political debate about socio-economic inequality,  Democrats (usually) are accused by Republicans (usually) of provoking class warfare when they juxtapose the plight of America’s poor with the riches of the upper 1 percent. And most commentators seem to take it as axiomatic that the charge is contemptible indeed. It seems as if ...

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