6 mins

Walmart Part 1

Important Announcement from the Quixotic Deacon: Since I began thinking of writing this blog, I have leaned on a lifelong friend, Fitz McAden, for guidance. Fitz and I grew up together. In fact, our mothers did as well. And our grandfathers and great grandfathers worked together. Fitz was born to be a journalist and has had ...

4 mins

The Drums of War

While I recently swore off commenting on current events in the Quixotic Deacon blog, something is bothering me that I need to get off my chest. Over 14 years ago, my wife Lucy, my son Hank, and I participated in a march to protest the upcoming (we assumed)  invasion of Iraq. Hank carried a sign ...

3 mins

Full Disclosure

Before I begin blogging about the scandal of income inequality in this country, I owe it to you, dear reader, to make a full disclosure of the roots of my thinking. Where am I coming from? Well, first of all, I have never known poverty personally. It has been my good fortune to always have ...

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