5 mins

New Zealand/Manifesto #3

Before I begin……….take a long look at the lady in the title photo above. That is what a political leader looks like. She is wearing a hijab to demonstrate her solidarity with the Muslim community of her country. Which of our political leaders would have the same sensitivity and courage? How many times have you ...

7 mins

The Ide(a)s of March

As the Quixotic Deacon travels further into the maw of Lent and his annual struggle to observe the season in a holy fashion, some rather non-Lenten thoughts have bubbled up. Herewith:   The Methodists   In late February a worldwide convocation of Methodist leaders, both lay and clergy, voted to reaffirm the church’s ban on ...

4 mins

David Brooks’ False Equivalents

David Brooks, an Op-Ed columnist for The New York Times, is an erudite and thoughtful public intellectual admired by many readers, me among them. But I was dismayed when I read his Feb. 26 column, which was entitled “An Agenda for Moderates.” Brooks weighs two competing ideas that animate today’s politics — Tribe, a “magnetic ...

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