2 mins

Walmart – A brief re-visit

13 October 2017   Dear Reader: Sometime events will cause me to revisit a subject that you may have thought I had discussed enough. This is one of those times. We must revisit those fat cat plutocrats who run Walmart. Three days ago the plutocrat in chief, Walmart CEO Doug McMillon, announced a $20 billion ...

5 mins

McDonald’s Corporation and Income Inequality

Before I begin exploring the major contribution of McDonald’s Corp. to income inequality in our country, let me mention some things that have crossed my mind recently. If you haven’t read the book Democracy in Chains by Nancy MacLean, you should. The author is a history professor at Duke University; her book is a history ...

5 mins

What Happens in Las Vegas …..

Dear Reader,   The Quixotic Deacon must apologize again for straying from the long-term topic at hand, i.e. ,  – income inequality. BUT events compel me to speak out on another topic that makes me angry, frustrated and sleepless. Pray indulge me some venting and, I hope, a call to action.   Just tonight I ...

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