4 mins

Dear Republican, The Quixotic Deacon salutes you!

While I know, dear reader, that you were not expecting to hear those words from this scribe, it seemed to me high time that I express my profound admiration for that proud protector of American exceptionalism – the card carrying Republican voter.  So, fellow quixotic pessimist, pardon me while I address myself directly to those ...

3 mins

Cuba – Will We Never Learn?

In the spring of 1972, in my senior year at Tulane I took a graduate level seminar in the Latin American Studies department. The requirement for the course was to write a seminar paper of some length about a subject approved by the professor. My subject was US foreign policy toward Cuba. And, oh, how ...

3 mins

Unamuno’s Gift – Quixotic Pessimism

When I was starting this blog a few months ago, I chose to name it the Quixotic Deacon.  I explained that decision in my first post. I said that I chose it because “Tilting At Windmills” was already taken. In choosing to name my blog after Cervantes’ famous mad idealist, I signaled to you, dear ...

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