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Equal Rights for Farmworkers!

About 20 years ago, I was introduced to the work of an organization called The Rural & Migrant Ministry. It was led by an inspirational and determined Episcopal priest named Richard Witt, and it was my good fortune to be assigned to work for his ministry upon my ordination as deacon. Because I speak Spanish, ...

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Nouwen’s Laws

It is my growing conviction that in Jesus the mystical and the revolutionary ways are not opposites, but two sides of the same human mode of experiential transcendence. I am increasingly convinced that conversion is the individual equivalent of revolution. Therefore every real revolutionary is challenged to be a mystic at heart, and one who ...

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Our Growing National Sin

I recently learned about an amazing document written by a group of distinguished Christian leaders during their Ash Wednesday retreat. It’s called Reclaiming Jesus (www.reclaimingjesus.org) and I implore you to read it — all of it because it’s powerful.   It would be tempting for me to cherry pick the document, hoping that certain passages ...

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Class Warfare III – Criminal Injustice

  My previous two posts (Class Warfare I and II) looked at how fiscal policy and the conservative right’s war on unions have hurt people at the bottom half of the income scale. Now let’s delve into an area where the penalty for being poor is the most brutal — our criminal justice system.   ...

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Class Warfare II

  My last post focused on the massive corporate income tax cut, the centerpiece of the Trump Administration’s attempt to confiscate the meager incomes of wage earners and redistribute it to the investor class. Implicit in this attempt is the fact that the rich have acquired formidable political power. The political ascendence of the super ...

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Class Warfare I

I was watching CNN one morning last week and the lead story was the big jump in hiring just reported by the government. The Trump administration was quick to attribute this to its huge corporate tax cut and deregulation of industry. But what really struck me was the comment by the CNN business reporter. The ...

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Class Warfare – A Short Introduction

In the heat of political debate about socio-economic inequality,  Democrats (usually) are accused by Republicans (usually) of provoking class warfare when they juxtapose the plight of America’s poor with the riches of the upper 1 percent. And most commentators seem to take it as axiomatic that the charge is contemptible indeed. It seems as if ...

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Stealing Tips – Trump’s Newest Deregulation Ploy

  Some of the strategies that the Trump administration uses to make the rich richer and the poor poorer don’t get the attention they deserve. Last Friday I got a text alert on my phone from Our Walmart (http://www.ufcw.org/tag/our-walmart/). This group works to improve the lot of Walmart workers. They weren’t calling to alert me ...

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