“Christmas at Mar A Lago – A Paean to Greatness”

                                                                                            by Deacon Buck Close



’Twas the night before Christmas in posh Mar a Lago,

The fat cats assembled made quite a farrago

Of hustlers, con men, buffoons and half wits

All dressed to the nines as custom befits.


The simpering masses, devoid of contrition,

Awaited with joy the orange apparition

Whose presence they craved with desire quite sensual

As if they approached a dalliance consensual.


Republican royalty was all in a twitter,

’Midst all the trimmings of gold, glitz and glitter,

When all of a sudden in movement quite frantic

Appeared Michael Pence in mood sycophantic.


He rushed to the dais in breathtaking fashion

To breathlessly welcome his object of passion.

And there at the curtain, the great crowd espies

Their host of the year and master of lies.


His face is quite flushed from the lamp he just left,

But his eyes remain white, of tan they’re bereft.

His hair is all poofy, fluffed up and blown dry

To appeal to the female Republican eye,

Of which there are several ’mongst all the white men

Like Sarah, Kellyanne and babes from the Fox den.


This glorious assemblage, the best in the nation

Is gathered together with one inclination:

To worship as one at the altar of power

Where Muslims must hide and Latinos do cower.


As might makes right and the rich all get richer

They toast their leader with glasses and pitcher.

At last from the dais, aloud to the nation

The liar in chief begins his oration.


He’s saying some things that delight his attendants

Who hang on his words like jewels on pendants.

His subject is Christmas — ‘Twas barely surviving

The onslaught of Obama’s Islamic conniving

Until Trump arrived in glory celestial,

To save Baby Jesus from fate pestilential.


The crowd is now roaring as toadies will do

They savor the moment, acting on cue.

The love that they feel for the liar in residence

Sustains him in office despite all the evidence.

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About Buck Close

Deacon Buck Close serves on the staff of the Church of St. John the Evangelist in Newport, RI. He was born in South Carolina, graduated from Tulane University in 1972 with a BA in Economics and Latin American Studies.

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