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Today, when I woke up I realized I had completed 70 years of life. It was a serious realization but a happy one. And, as happy as I am to have survived 7 decades, I am even more thrilled that my children and grandchildren and son-in-law are arriving today to spend almost 2 weeks here on Bumblebee Farm in Little Compton, RI. This is our longest visit ever with them all and it comes after months of no contact. So, I am taking the next two weeks off. My intention is to ignore all the awful things happening in our country and to concentrate on doing fun things with my family.

Before I leave for the fortnight, I want to leave you with some good thoughts from the past week or so – some things for which to be thankful for the next few days.

  • The reprieve granted the DACA kids by the Supreme Court. Though temporary, it is good news.
  • The affirmation of LGBTQ+ civil rights by the Supreme Court.
  • An initiative in San Francisco to establish an “Overpaid Executive Tax.” This tax would kick in if companies with operations in San Francisco paid their top execs more than 100X the average wage of their local employees. This may or may not pass, but it is good news that it is being discussed.
  • The vaunted Tulsa Trump rally drew a crowd of around 6500. Trump and his team looked like fools.
  • National polls are looking bad for Trump and seem to be getting worse.
  • John Bolton, who is a warmongering ass, has written a book which is, at the very least, a huge embarrassment for Trump, and possibly, a real back breaker for his reelection chances.
  • And, finally, the best good news – no major gaffes from our candidate!

So, I leave you with a bit of good news and urge you to take your own summer vacation!

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